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Digital Printing

Digital printing is the future of print. As one of the largest cut-sheet digital printing companies in New Zealand, we produce on-demand printing at scale.

Managed Print Services

Managing different print methods can be complex and requires specialist skills. Our team is proud to have the knowledge and experience to enable this for our customers.

Complex Order Fulfilment

Data-driven printing increases the complexity of order fulfilment. We have the industry knowledge, systems, and experience to manage this complexity and ensure our customers’ products are delivered how they need.

Inventory Management, Warehousing and Distribution

We believe in a flexible approach to inventory management. We work with customers to develop tailored solutions for warehousing, storage, and distribution based on their needs.

Brand Management Technology

Controlling a brand across a large organisation can be challenging. Procure, our online tool for brand management and product ordering, is our simple, effective solution for this.

Graphic Design

We recognise the importance of design in print. We have a dedicated team of in-house designers who, combined with our cutting-edge technology, are ready to bring your print projects to life.

At Excel Digital, providing great experiences and outcomes for customers is at the core of who we are.

Our team is dedicated to delivering for our customers above all else. We value the trust you place in us, which is why we work hard to earn your trust and even harder to keep it. Together, we take an end-to-end view of your printing journey and ensure your expectations and requirements are met at every stage.

In 2019, Excel Digital merged with Perception Group to become one of the largest digital-first cut-sheet printing companies in New Zealand. This means we’re able to meet your printing needs, no matter how big or small they are.

Our vision is to be the most sustainable digital printing brand in New Zealand.

We’re working towards this by focusing on three sustainability pillars: our people, our community, and our environment.

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