Sometimes you don’t need a full time CFO. Wouldn’t it be smarter to access only what you need?

Try a part-time arrangement. Definitely smarter.


Strong finance skills form the cornerstone of many a successful business. It’s a highly specialised skill, being able to identify opportunities, to leverage situations, and to provide high-level financial support in a timely manner.

Full time Chief Financial Officers can be prohibitive for many business simply because of the potentially eye-watering cost.

Imagine, then, if you could access this level of skill and experience on a part-time basis?

Benefiting from years of experience and networks without having to fork out a typical CFO annual salary?

You can. Here at TrendVisory, we call it ‘Fractional CFO Services’

It’s an ‘on-demand’ model, where you access our financial leadership skills to help you strategise, plan and execute fiscal implementations to increase revenue and improve profitability.

We work with both private and public companies to address challenges, trigger events by providing premium levels of CFO expertise as a fraction of the cost of a full time employee.

Our range of skills include:

CFO – financial controllers, business analysts, management accountants, financial accountants

Company Secretary and Public Officer

Board and Advisory Board Members – Advisory, Audit, Governance

Project managers or steering committee members

Start-up or early-stage financial management

Transaction advice such as M&A, IPO preparation, or technology deployment

Taking on third-party funding

Off-loading accounting department management from business owners

Managing, mentoring and on-boarding of new finance leadership, and developing the in-house finance team

Process improvements and upgrading the effectiveness of the finance function

Annual budgeting and ongoing monitoring of actual results

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