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More often than not, when you ask a business owner who has staff what their greatest weakness / problem / vulnerability is, they will say it’s their staff. HR issues. People problems. And it can easily take an enormous chunk out of their days and weeks without reward.

These situations can come from a variety of sources. For example, experiencing fast growth and adding large numbers of people can result in an unbalanced team.

Additionally, in the past couple of years, tackling staff engagement has been a huge challenge, when team members are looking for recognition, family-friendly arrangements and improved work-life balance.

Ultimately, managing HR & IR problems is a specialist area, and needs a well planned approach that minimises risk, protects the company from cost blowout, and returns your team to optimum performance quickly.

And if you’re a business owner / executive, you need to be spending your time doing what you do best, not mediating conflict.

Here are TrendVisory, we project manage and implement a wide range of Human Resource Services, so you can make decisions correctly and confidently.

Our committed HR services include

(but are not limited to):

HR Strategy formulation and execution

Legislative compliance

Wage and salary audits

Performance management

Position descriptions and KPIs that align with the overall strategy of the business

Enterprise bargaining agreements

Process automation

Succession planning

Online induction programs

Conflict resolution guidelines

General training and development

Investigation in relation to issues such as poor performance or any form of workplace harassment

Redundancy and exit strategies for staff

Ideally, Human Resource and Industrial Relations issues should be identified and managed before they cause pain.

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