Hnry vs Traditional Accountants

See how Hnry is better for sole traders than traditional

What you get with Hnry as your accountant


  • All your taxes calculated and paid as you go.
  • All your income tax & GST returns filed by Hnry’s accountants.
  • Unlimited invoices and expense claims.
  • Expenses reviewed instantly by Hnry’s accountants.
  • Clients can pay by credit card at no extra cost to you.
  • All transactions reconciled automatically.
You get all of this for just 1% + GST of your self-employed income (capped at $1,500/year).

With traditional accountants…


You do all the work. You’re responsible for:
  • Reconciling bank transactions
  • Categorising expenses
  • Calculating and deducting your taxes as you earn
  • Making all your income tax & Medicare payments
With a traditional accountant, you still need:
  • To pay for their overcomplicated accounting software
  • A payment system like Stripe (2.9% + $0.30 on top of your invoices).
  • Time for financial admin – averaging 5 hours/week or $5,000/year for an assistant.
Including the cost of the accountant and the value of your time, this could cost over $9,000/year.