Clarity through Strategy

Strategy advisory that delivers tangible results
for leaders of mid to small sized organisations,
through our Open Strategy approach.

Market & Customer Insights

Get unique market & customer insights to make the right strategy choices.


We include external perspectives, from customers, partners & front-line staff so you can make the best strategy choices.


We work with leadership teams to develop practical plans that target specific ways to deliver on key parts of the strategy.


We work with leadership teams to drive execution of the overall strategy and accountability of specific plans.

The conventional approach to strategy is starting to lose its impact.

That’s why we don’t rely on a rigid framework.

We help clients approach strategy from the outside, looking in.

Take an outside-looking-in approach

Our process is down-to-earth and effective. No convoluted models. No jargon.

We take an assumption-free approach to business strategy by putting your customers at the centre.

We help you get market & customer insights from outside your four walls, so you get clarity to make the right choices.

In a survey of more than 200 top executives it found that:
When Open Strategy was applied to just 30% of their organisation initiatives, those same initiatives generated 50% of revenues and profits.

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The Foundstone Strategy Guide

A guide to strategy that cuts through the noise and solves real-world customer problems.

Learn a unique approach to strategy that gets traction and grows your business as part of the process.

Taking an Open Strategy approach speeds up the overall strategy and execution process by between 30-50% compared to the traditional approach

Stephan Friedrich von den Eichen, Co-author of Open Strategy

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In a survey of more than 200 top executives it found that:
70% agreed that Open Strategy increased organisation-wide commitment to strategic initiatives.
72% stated that Open Strategy improved the communication and understanding of strategy.

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We specialise in strategy for small to mid-sized organisations in Healthcare, NFP, Social Enterprise, Infrastructure and Transport sectors.

We partner with organisations to create lasting change.

We work predominantly with small to mid-sized organisations in the Healthcare, NFP, Social Enterprise, Infrastructure and Transport sectors.

Our services are not cookie-cutter solutions. They are tailored to suit your organisation and industry.

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