is a journey.

Elabor8’s focus on operational design, new ways of working and agile delivery helps you move easily between now, and what comes next.

Elabor8 was born out of our experience in digital-first companies which gives us a respect for the power of digital, but also an appreciation of the other element required for success. People.

It’s only through having a human-centric approach to digital transformation—a focus on both your customers and your people—that you can deliver and sustain true transformational change. We’re driven to empower your people to innovate and to solve problems by learning to think differently. And to help your organisation to overcome barriers, giving you a strong platform for growth.

Who we work with

We have a strong record of helping large organisations to find focus and reduce the complexity of digital transformation.

A proven approach to transformational change

We believe that organisational transformation is only effective if it’s nurtured from within. That’s why we work with you to co-design and embed only the right strategies, processes, and tools that are fundamental to your success. It’s a proven approach that helped some of Australia’s largest and most iconic organisations to realise the value of digital transformation more quickly.

Transformation that has real impact.

“There is more conversation taking place, more support, understanding and compromise. This was also reflected in the team’s engagement score that went from 58% to 76% in just 18 months.”

Alex Raytsin

“We went hard and early with the things we know will set us up for success in the long run. It wasn’t just about introducing processes, operating rhythms and the academic side of agile. We also put the enabling tools in place that support that way of working from day one.”

Project owner
Australian bank

Our Services

Transforming your organisation to Digital Prime is a paradigm shift.

Be confident that you have the optimal organisational architecture to deliver value to your customers and achieve your goals.

Digital Operating Models require new modes of work.

Accelerate your organisation’s transformation with new ways of working and future-proof it by embedding change into your culture.

Instil a culture of Continuous Improvement

We give you the foresight, to actively build and measure capability while identifying and removing any barriers to organisational agility.

Develop new capabilities to optimise your Digital Value Chain.

Our team will collaboratively design solutions that match your market situation, customer demands and organisational needs.

Thinking that gains traction

Increasing customer experience through automated performance engineering

Discover how Elabor8’s innovative performance testing framework enabled a large enterprise client to drive a better customer experience and prioritize solutions.

Group Coaching – Extending Growth Opportunity Beyond Individual Coaching

Group coaching fosters team growth by prioritizing relationships among members. It differs from individual coaching and is gaining popularity for senior executive leadership teams. Learn about the benefits, skills, and challenges for coaches, and join us in extending growth opportunities from individuals to teams.

Elabor8’s new Atlassian managed service offering

As an Atlassian Gold Solutions Partner, we have recently launched a new Atlassian managed service offering. The service helps organisations maximise their investment in collaborative platforms for project management and software development, and provides a comprehensive solution for managing critical tools, including Jira, Confluence, and Bitbucket. Managing these tools can be complex and time-consuming, which is where Elabor8 can help.…

Be ready for what comes next

Transform the structure, processes, and experience of your organisation to realise value faster.