Evolve your FPSO performance

Collaborate with an open coalition to accelerate time to first oil and gas, assure equipment performance, optimize FPSO production throughput, and lower carbon footprint at scale

Work with an open coalition to digitally connect your total asset journey, from reservoir to topside to continuously maximize value, minimize environmental impact, and create a new level of performance for your FPSO.

Evolve FPSO performance through open collaboration and digitalization

FPSOs face a daily test to manage production variability that’s impacted by the interaction between subsurface, subsea, and topside processes and equipment. This already challenging situation can be intensified by the growing emphasis on carbon footprint reduction and market volatility.

That’s why we’ve formed an open coalition to evolve your FPSO performance at any phase of its life cycle and at any scale by integrating

  • domain and OEM expertise, chemistry, and process technologies
  • automation, control, safety, and power
  • measurement and intelligent action
  • data contextualization.

We work with you to create a new level of performance for your FPSO from the reservoir to topside to continuously maximize value and minimize environmental impact.

Evolve your FPSO performance—without limits.

Evolve FPSO project design planning and execution to be ready for all operational scenarios

An FPSO can’t outperform a suboptimal project design.

For new FPSO builds, the open coalition streamlines scenario planning and concept design through its highly collaborative, efficient approach that infuses planning with agility. Starting from domain knowledge of the reservoir, Subsea Planner™ on Delfi™ rapidly iterates multiple concepts to configure the highest-performing subsea asset plan for interfacing with the FPSO. Facility Planner™ on Delfi accelerates identifying the optimal fit-for-purpose FPSO concept that balances scope, cost, project planning, and emissions. From processing through automation and control, all project interfaces are effectively derisked while designing in flow management improvements and size reductions.

With our OEM experience, we are extensively involved with data from a design standpoint, particularly concerning what is crucial to operations. By contextualizing this data for use in the FPSO’s operations, the coalition makes it possible to manage the entire life cycle of data associated with the FPSO.

By accounting for the long game in accelerating and future-proofing project design, your FPSO is able to achieve first oil and gas faster, inclusive of startup and commissioning activities.

Evolve your FPSO design process—without barriers.

What to expect from evolving your FPSO performance

From the design phase through optimized, more sustainable operations, our open coalition delivers valuable outcomes.

Accelerated time to first oil and gas

Assured equipment uptime and performance

Carbon abatement

Improvements in production processes and throughput

Press Release

SLB, Rockwell Automation, Sensia and Cognite Collaborate to Optimize Asset Performance of FPSOs

Disrupting conventional workflows with high-value, low-carbon digital solutions to accelerate an FPSO performance evolution

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SLB, Rockwell Automation, Sensia and Cognite Collaborate to Optimize Asset Performance of FPSOs


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