Build Share Program

We developed the Build Share™ program and partnered with Zenith Tecnica to provide a turn-key solution for manufacturing Titanium 6Al-4V components. Build Share™ lowers the barriers to entry, helping you realize the value of AM today. Inquire for further details.


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Q4 2022


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Q4 2022


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A Path to Production

3D printing enables unique geometries that would be difficult or impossible to fabricate otherwise. But the path to Production can be expensive and involved.

Our Build Share™ program reduces that time and costs by letting Members jump from Material and Technology Selection to Product Design. We crafted 3 Production Tiers (Lean, Certified, Dynamic) to address your unique product needs.

As a Build Share™ Member, you will receive the documents, data, and training needed to get started.

Documents & Data

Design Guideline

The Design Guideline jump starts the product development cycle. It includes size and shape limitations, material properties, and thin wall guidance.

Program Training

Hummingbird Additive provides 10 hours of interactive onboarding for up to 12 participants to unlock the value of Titanium Electron Beam Melting and the Build Share™ Program.


Building to our proprietary specification saves you the cost and time of developing a process on your own. Membership includes 12 month of manufacturing to this specification.

Facility Survey Report

The Facility Report summarizes the facilities, operations, personnel, and equipment used by the manufacturer Zenith Tecnica so you can be confident in the people and practices manufacturing your product.


Estimated New Production Development

The Build Share™ program for Titanium skips over expensive and time consuming steps to help you start printing much faster for much less. The program has an Annual Membership based on the selected Tier and a nominal print fee. Contact us for a more detailed brochure!

The Material & Process

Why Titanium 6Al-4V? This lightweight, high strength alloy is corrosion resistant and has a low coefficient of thermal expansion. These attributes make it well suited for multiple industries and challenging environments.

Why EBM? Electron Beam Melting (EBM, E-PBF) is a form of powder bed fusion which uses an electron beam instead of a laser to locally melt powder. The energy source requires a vacuum to operate, resulting in a clean process with reduced thermal distortion. This powerful technology, when combined with Ti 6Al-4V, brings a broad set of capabilities to the table.

What Products Make Sense? The Build Share™ program is for products ranging from 40mm to 400mm in height and order quantities from 1s to 100s. It is ideally suited for development of new products or for optimized designs of existing titanium, aluminum, or stainless steel applications.

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